Animated Human Gestures/Poses Dataset by Synthesis AI

10k images of 50 animation sequences of a diverse set of animated body poses, including motions in both the upper and lower body

Released in: Animated Human Gestures/Poses Dataset

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The Whole Body, Animated Human Gestures/Poses Dataset showcases a diverse set of animated body poses, including motions in both the upper and lower body. As opposed to the Static Poses/Gestures Dataset, the sequential order of poses and environments are increased more than 100x in this animated dataset. This dataset is well suited for ML tasks such as pose estimation, whole body segmentation, and basic gesture recognition.

  • 10k images
  • Over 50 animation sequences
  • 100 diverse identities spanning gender, skin tone, and age. 1024 x 1024 RGB images
  • Rich set of pixel-perfect labels including segmentation maps, depth, surface normals, and 3D landmarks
  • Variation of expressions from neutral to medium (as opposed to extreme)
  • Variation in eye gaze spanning 10° in all directions
  • Variation of head turn spanning 30° in all directions
  • Diverse hairstyles, colors, and facial hair
  • Accessories: glasses, headphones, face masks and headwear
  • Variation in outfits
  • Variation in background over a wide range of lighting and confounding elements
  • Many different camera angles around the person


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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



  1. Video
  2. RGB-D


  1. Facial
  2. Digital Human

ML Task

  1. Object Detection
  2. Semantic Segmentation
  3. Human Pose Estimation
  4. Activity Recognition
  5. Facial Recognition
  6. Facial Modeling
  7. Object Tracking

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