Seminars, overviews, and training for creating and using synthetic data


Synthesis AI blog

Synthesis AI blog

What Is Synthetic Data?

HumAIn Podcast – Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Developer Tools, and Technical Education

The Importance of Synthetic Data in the Big Data World

Three crucial takeaways about learning synthetic data

Synthetic Data — key benefits, types, generation methods, and challenges

Here’s a beginner guide on what you should know about synthetic data


Immersive Limit

Projects and tutorials on Deep Learning, Game Engines, and 3D Development. Created by Adam and Kayla Kelly.

Unity Seminar

During this webinar we’ll provide an overview of computer vision, walk through current real world data workflows, and explain why many customers are exploring the shift towards synthetically…

Fake It Till You Make It: Face Analysis In The Wild Using Synthetic Data Alone

We demonstrate that it is possible to perform face-related computer vision in the wild using synthetic data alone. The community has long enjoyed the benefits of synthesizing training data with graphics, but the domain gap between real and synthetic data has remained a problem, especially for human faces.

Synthetic Data with Digital Humans

Join Erroll Wood and Tadas Baltrusaitis from Microsoft’s Mixed Reality & AI Lab in Cambridge, UK, for a talk on how synthetics drives work on understanding human faces and hands, including how it powers Fully Articulated Hand Tracking on HoloLens 2.


How Synthetic Data has Revolutionized the AI Industry with Jeremy Kaufmann

HumAIn Podcast – Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Developer Tools, and Technical Education

Investing in AI Episode 4: Synthetic Data with Yashar Behzadi and Sergey Nikolenko

In this episode, Yashar and Sergey from Synthesis.ai discuss the uses of synthetic data. This topic is becoming increasingly important for AI, and we discuss how it enables companies to expand smaller data sets, run AI simulations, and more.


Synthetic Data for Deep Learning

This book about synthetic data, an important field which is rapidly rising in popularity throughout machine learning.