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Released in: ArtiBoost: Boosting Articulated 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation via Online Exploration and Synthesis



Estimating the articulated 3D hand-object pose from a single RGB image is a highly ambiguous and challenging problem, requiring large-scale datasets that contain diverse hand poses, object types, and camera viewpoints. Most real-world datasets lack these diversities. In contrast, data synthesis can easily ensure those diversities separately. However, constructing both valid and diverse hand-object interactions and efficiently learning from the vast synthetic data is still challenging. To address the above issues, ArtiBoost uses a lightweight online data enhancement method. ArtiBoost can cover diverse hand-object poses and camera viewpoints through sampling in a Composited hand-object Configuration and Viewpoint space (CCV-space) and can adaptively enrich the current hard-discernable items by loss-feedback and sample re-weighting. ArtiBoost alternatively performs data exploration and synthesis within a learning pipeline, and
those synthetic data are blended into real-world source data for training. In the paper, ArtiBoost is applied on a simple learning baseline network and leads to a performance boost on several hand-object benchmarks.


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