A new benchmark for synthetic-to-real domain adaptation

Released in: Syn2Real: A New Benchmark for Synthetic-to-Real Visual Domain Adaptation



Unsupervised transfer of object recognition models from synthetic to real data is an important problem with many potential applications. The challenge is how to “adapt” a model trained on simulated images so that it performs well on real-world data without any additional supervision. Unfortunately, current benchmarks for this problem are limited in size and task diversity. In this paper, the authors present a new large-scale benchmark called Syn2Real, which consists of a synthetic domain rendered from 3D object models and two real-image domains containing the same object categories. The paper defines three related tasks on this benchmark: closed-set object classification, open-set object classification, and object detection. Evaluation of multiple state-of-the-art methods reveals a large gap in adaptation performance between the easier closed-set classification task and the more difficult open-set and detection tasks. The authors conclude that developing adaptation methods that work well across all three tasks presents a significant future challenge for syn2real domain transfer.


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Syn2Real: A New Benchmark for Synthetic-to-Real Visual Domain Adaptation

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  1. Domain Adaptation
  2. Image Classification
  3. Object Detection
  4. Semantic Segmentation

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